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Winterizing an outdoor heating unit is a very important key in prolonging the life of the item. Outdoor heating units should be kept out of harsh elements that winter can bring. The unit should be stored indoors and covered to prevent damage. If the unit cannot be stored indoors, make sure it is heavily insulated from the weather and is elevated off the ground to allow any draining water to pass under and not gather at the base. Checking on the covering throughout the winter is advised to make sure the unit is still protected as it should be.

Bond Manufacturing Co.’s heating units are made of many materials ranging in powder coated metals to man-made materials. Our featured material Envirostone™ is a premium blend of resin and stone powder, sealed with a patented ProCoat™ coating to provide superior UV resistance and coating adhesion.

Bond Manufacturing Co.  does not recommend cooking over the flame of a gas heating unit, as it is designed for outdoor heating purposes only.

No. Due to the intense heat generated by a wood burning fire, an outdoor gas heating unit may crack, or become clogged with soot. NEVER burn wood in any outdoor gas heating unit.

15,000 BTU units (1lb propane gas tank)
If fueled on high: 1.44 hours
If fueled on low: 2.25 hours

20,000 BTU units (1lb propane gas tank)
If fueled on high: 1 hour
If fueled on low: 1.68 hours

50,000 BTU units (20lb propane gas tank)
If fueled on high: 8.6 hours
If fueled on low: 13.5 hours

70,000 BTU units (20lb propane gas tank)
If fueled on high: 6.17 hours
If fueled on low: 9.6 hours

Natural gas conversion varies depending on the unit. Please check the included instruction manual for confirmation. If the unit does allow natural gas conversion, check Bond Manufacturing Co.’s compatible conversion kits for easy natural gas conversion.

Bond Manufacturing Co. strongly advises against placing the propane tank under any 18in H heating unit. The propane tank must always stand upright to provide a safe gas release. Never turn a propane tank to rest on its side. External tank heating appliances must always have the propane tank at a minimum of 5ft away from the heating unit to prevent unsafe gas exposure.

Unfortunately, Bond Manufacturing Co. does not produce a longer hose. To conceal the propane tank, we suggest the use of a Tank Hideaway™.

Approximately 10-15lbs is sufficient for a 20lb heating unit. Please note, the firebowl should not be filled with LavaGlass™ alone. Fill the bottom half of the firebowl with lava rock, doing so provides better air circulation due to the dense nature of the LavaGlass™.

Yes! While Bond Manufacturing Co. provides many filler options, (please have the word firebowl fillers link to the firebowl filler product page for these) any fire glass option may be used with a minimum size of ½ inch. Bond Manufacturing Co.  does not suggest the use of ¼ inch fire glass in outdoor heating units, as the smaller glass pieces often become stuck and clog the burner and ignition guard. The whole firebowl should not be filled fire glass alone. The base of the fire pan should consist of lava rock, as this provides better air circulation due to the dense nature of the fire glass.


View below videos for tips and tricks with Bond’s outdoor heating products and accessories.

Adding LavaGlass™

Connecting Propane Tank

Lighting Instructions


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